ISSUES2012 No.1
Editor’s Note: In late 2011, when China City Planning Review (CCPR) went through five years after the resumption of its publication, a small-scale investigation was carried out among its subscribers in both China and abroad on how they review the journal from academic viewpoint, for the purpose of getting some proposals to further highlight its academic influence. Many feedbacks were returned at the turn of 2012, along with not only the constructive suggestions for its future development, but also the appreciation of the journal’s positive role in the field of urban planning and among the scholars interested in China. They are seriously taken by the Editorial Department as great encouragement to continue our efforts. Some of the feedbacks are presented hereby in this issue for the information of the readers. Having a history of 25 years, CCPR is still young and its growth deserves not only the sustained hard-work of the Editorial Department, but also the broad participation of its international readers. We eagerly look forward to more pertinent proposals from our readers which will definitely help us to make the journal better in future.

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