ISSUES2013 No.2
Editor’s Note: Since China became an urban society after its urbanization rate surpassed 50% in 2011, the Central Government of China has put forward the concept of New Urbanization Mode in order to deal with the problems emerging in the past decades along with the significant achievements of urban development, such as the exhaust of natural resources, the degradation of environment, the enlargement of regional disparity, the unbalance between the city and the countryside, the aggregation of traffic congestion, the increase of housing price, the lack of public service, the decrease of social fairness, and so on, all of which can be summarized as the key characters of the traditional urbanization mode based on industrialization and resource consumption. It means that, facing the challenges of sustainable development, China, as the biggest developing country of the world, cannot simply continue the traditional urbanization mode based on industrialization and resource consumption, but work out a new urbanization mode which will not only meet the actual development demands of China, but also follow the development trends of the world and the times. Although up to now, there is no authoritative definition about New Urbanization Mode, it is obvious that it will be distinctive from the traditional urbanization mode with more focus on the quality of urbanization, rather than the quantity of urbanization, in particular the harmonious relationship between Man and Nature, as well as that among different generations and different regions. For China, it may refer to shifting the process of urbanization from the one-sided pursuit for economic growth and physical construction to including the considerations on environment, resources and people, such as protecting ecologic environment, saving natural resources, promoting low-carbon development, respecting the right of people to enter cities no matter where they come from, guaranteeing the basic living demand of people no matter whether they are rich or poor, and creating the public space for people where everybody could enjoy the public life which they want. Thus, the New Urbanization Mode of China is actually the Chinese interpretation on urbanism based on Chinese culture and Chinese society when the country undergoes a fundamental transformation from a traditional agricultural society to a modern urban society.

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