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State Council: Strengthen the Construction of Public Fitness Venues and Facilities to Develop Mass Sports
On Oct. 10, 2020, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Public Fitness Venues and Facilities for the Development of Mass Sports, proposing that by 2025, the bottlenecks that restrict the planning and construction of fitness facilities will be effectively solved, the relevant departments’ linkage work mechanisms will be more sound and efficient, the configuration of fitness facilities will be more reasonable, the fitness environment will be significantly improved, and a good atmosphere will be formed for the mass participation in sports and fitness. The Opinions stresses to tap the potential of the stock of construction land. First, make an inventory of the city’s vacant land. The second is to make good use of urban land for public welfare construction. Third, support the supply of land by leasing. Fourth, to advocate the composite land use model. The Opinions calls for simplifying the approval process and supporting social participation. Regions should step up efforts to reform regulation in the field of approval for the construction of sport facilities. Social forces may apply for the construction of temporary outdoor fitness facilities using vacant urban land that has not yet been designated for a specific purpose, reserve land for construction, or land that has been designated as land for culture and sports but has not yet been supplied, for a period generally not exceeding two years, and without affecting land supply.

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