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2020 China Urban Planning Academic Season Successfully Held
From Sept. 16 to 26, 2020 China Urban Planning Academic Season, organized by the Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC), was held by combining online and offline means, simultaneously, across different regions. The academic season actively adapts to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control work, with novel forms, and a rich and brilliant content, aiming to better play the role of being a platform, to disseminate the insights of experts, enhance cooperation consensus, contribute to more scientific and technological achievements, achieve the integration of high-end production factors, and help China’s urban and rural high-quality development.

As an important academic activity systematically learning and implementing the spirit of the Central Government in the urban planning industry, the 11 days long academic season carried out discussions on diversified themes including the 14th Five-Year Plan, territorial and spatial planning at different levels in different categories, reconstruction of old and dilapidated communities, urban and rural human settlements, urban design, urban renewal, transportation planning, rural revitalization, development of metropolitan region, urban culture, urban ecological environment, urban resilience, green travel, garden city, green corridor planning, engineering planning, child-friendly cities, planning technology and other topics; six sections including master’s dialogue, science and innovation sharing meeting, planning youth expression, academic summit, planning lectures, planning books, a total of 9 columns with 86 activities.

China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) gave full affirmation to the academic season: “Urban Planning Society of China took the initiative to adapt to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, actively innovated, mobilized extensively, and united the national universities and colleges, research institutions, science and technology enterprises and other units to build a new academic brand, and implemented the CAST’s strategy of science and innovation in China with practical actions, highlighting the role of an outstanding science and technology association of the times.”

This event was the first online collective action in the field of urban planning in China, bringing together experts and scholars in the field of urban planning nationwide. The UPSC set up the stage, as many as 108 institutions including universities, planning institutes and secondary committees of UPSC participated in the organization, more than 750 planning experts and scholars communicated and discussed on the academic hot spots in the field of urban planning, policy focus, industry difficulties and other issues, in order to promote the integration of the planning field, which attracted more than 700,000 participants online and offline. During the 11 days, new views and ideas frequently emerged, which promoted the construction of planning disciplines, exploration of planning theory and innovation of planning practice, and at the same time provided support for the growth of planning science and technology workforce, popularization of scientific knowledge, and scientific decision-making of management departments.

The academic season received attention from the national mainstream media: Xinhua News, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, China Development Network, China Association for Science and Technology, Economic Daily, China Construction News, China City News, China Environment News, etc., reported the academic season. All We-Media of planning management departments, planning formulation units, planning research institutions have spoken out and released a huge amount of publicity reports on the event. And the WeChat and Weibo discussion heat on the topic exceeded 200 thousand and 2 million respectively. According to Baidu search, there are more than 20 million search results for the keyword of “2020 China Urban Planning Academic Season.”

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