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The 2nd work meeting of the 3rd editorial board of the China City Planning Review held during the Conference
Meanwhile, during the conference, on Nov. 25, 2018, the second work meeting of the third editorial board of the China City Planning Review (CCPR) was also held in the Hangzhou International Expo Center. Mao Qizi, Associate Chief Editor of CCPR, hosted the meeting. Shi Nan, Associate Chief Editor, and members of the editorial board including Liang Sisi, Liu Jiayan, Luo Zhendong, Pan Fang, Tang Yan, Tian Li, Zhou Guoyan (in alphabetical order) attended the meeting. Liu Jian, Managing Chief Editor of the CCPR Editorial Department, presented a summary report on the work of the editorial department and the editorial board in 2018. The attending members of the editorial board recognized the achievement of the editorial department, and shared their opinions and suggestions on the future development of the journal, carried out heated discussions on topics such as how to further clarify the aim and scope of CCPR, how to further promote the quality of the journal, and how to expand the international influence of CCPR at the new era, etc. In the end, Mao Qizhi summarized the meeting and believed that with the support of the 3rd Editorial Board, CCPR is bound to operate more and more successfully and achieve more outcomes in the future.

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