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Central Rural Work Conference Held
The Central Rural Work Conference was held in Beijing from Dec. 28 to 29, 2020. President Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, emphasizing that at the historical moment of moving towards the second century goal, consolidating and expanding the results of the anti-poverty campaign, comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, and accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas are major issues of great importance to the Communist Party of China. The whole Party must fully understand the importance and urgency of doing a good job on issues related to agriculture, rural areas and rural people in the new development stage, insist on making the solution of issues related to agriculture, rural areas and rural people the top priority of the whole Party, promote the revitalization of the countryside with the efforts of the whole Party and the whole society, and promote high quality and efficient agriculture, livability of the countryside, and prosperous peasants.

Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech that after the founding of Communist Party of China, we fully realized that the basic problem of the Chinese revolution was the peasant problem and made it an important mission to work for the happiness of the vast number of peasants. From the overall perspective of the strategy for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the countryside must be revitalized if the nation is to be revived. Both history and reality tell us that agriculture is the foundation of the country. After the victory of the anti-poverty campaign, it is necessary to comprehensively promote the revitalization of the countryside, which is a historical shift of the focus of the work related to agriculture, rural areas and rural people. To firmly hold the initiative of food security, food production should be tightened every year. Xi Jinping stressed that the comprehensive implementation of the rural revitalization strategy is no less deep, extensive and difficult than the fight against poverty, so it is necessary to strengthen the top-level design and promote it with stronger measures and more powerful forces. Firstly, we should accelerate the development of rural industries; secondly, strengthen the construction of a socialist spiritual civilization; thirdly, strengthen the construction of rural ecological civilization; fourthly, deepen rural reform; fifthly, implement rural construction actions, continue to focus on public infrastructure construction in rural areas, make continuous efforts in promoting the equalization of basic public services in urban and rural areas, and focus on strengthening the construction of universal, bottom-up and basic livelihood of people; sixthly, promote the effective integration of urban and rural development, improve the institutional mechanism of urban-rural integration and development, and promote the citizenship of the agricultural transfer population; seventhly, strengthen and improve rural governance.

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