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Ministry of Natural Resources: Further Work on Village Planning
On Dec. 15, 2020, the General Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources issued the Opinions on Further Improving Village Planning, proposing to coordinate urban and rural development and to promote the preparation of an “all-area and all-elements” village planning. The Opinions put forward several requirements. First, coordinate urban and rural development and orderly promote the preparation of village planning. In the county and township level spatial planning, measures should be adopted to integrate urban and rural development and reasonably optimize the village layout. Second, the all-area and all-elements village planning should be formulated. It should take the administrative village boundaries of the Third National Territorial Survey as the planning scope and make planning arrangements for all territorial elements in the village area. The survey and assessment of the current situation should be refined in accordance with the Guidelines for Territorial Survey, Planning and Use Control Land and Sea Classification (for Trial Implementation), the base map and data unified, and the content and depth of village planning reasonably determined according to the need for differentiated management. Third, the natural geographic pattern should be respected and the advantages of rural characteristics highlighted. On the basis of implementing the ecological protection red line and permanent basic farmland that are determined by county and township level master plan, efforts should be made to forbid digging mountains, filling lakes, or deforestation, and to determine the historical and cultural protection line, geological disasters and flooding control line and other boundaries according to local conditions. Four, the precise implementation of the strictest arable land protection system should be guaranteed. Five, measures should be adopted to coordinate the county towns and villages planning and construction, and to optimize the functional layout. Six, the opinions of farmers should be fully respected. Seven, the supervision and evaluation of the implementation of village planning should be further strengthened.

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