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MOHURD: Green Construction Technology Guidelines (for Trial Implementation) Issued
In order to implement the concept of green development, promote green construction, improve the quality of construction projects, and facilitate high-quality development of the construction industry, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) organized the formulation of the Green Construction Technology Guidelines (for Trial Implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines), which was issued on Mar. 19, 2021. The Guidelines are divided into seven parts: General Provisions, Terminology, Basic Provisions, Green Planning, Green Design, Green Construction, and Green Delivery, which are applicable to the green construction of new civil buildings, industrial buildings, and their related appurtenances, and the alteration or expansion of existing buildings can also be implemented with reference.

MOHURD clarifies that green construction should integrate the concept of green development into the whole process of construction planning, design, construction and delivery, and fully reflect the overall characteristics of green development, industrialization, information technology, intensification, and industrialization; at the same time, due attentions should be paid to quality of construction, safety, efficiency, environmental protection, ecology, and other elements, so as to achieve the integration of the whole process of engineering planning, design, construction, and delivery, and improve the construction level and building quality. Green requirements should be fully reflected, in order to effectively reduce the consumption of resources and the impact on the ecological environment in the whole process of construction, cut down carbon emissions, and improve the overall green level of construction activities.

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