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NDRC: National Standards for Basic Public Services (2021 Edition) Jointly Released with 20 Departments
On Mar. 30, 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released the National Standard for Basic Public Services (2021 Edition) jointly with 20 departments, along with a notice requesting all areas to seriously implement the Standard in conjunction with the actual situation. The National Standard 2021 specifies the service targets, content, standards, expenditure responsibilities, and leading responsible departments for 9 aspects, 22 categories, and 80 service items, including childcare, education, labor, medical care, elderly care, housing, and support for disadvantaged groups, and has a military service guarantee, a cultural and sports service guarantee, which are the basis for the government to fulfill its public service responsibilities and for people to enjoy corresponding rights. The notice puts forward six requirements for the implementation of the National Standard 2021 in each area: first, implementation standards should be formulated; second, the main scope should be strictly defined; third, the expenditure responsibilities should be clarified; fourth, efforts should be made to strengthen the supporting capacity; fifth, open and sharing should be promoted to a comprehensive extent; and sixth, related responsibility pursuit should be effectively strengthened. 

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