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Regulations on the Protection of Beijing Historic City Enforced
The new version of the Regulations on the Protection of Beijing Historic City has come into effect on Mar. 1, 2021. The regulations expand the scope of protection, highlight the protection of the old city, and encourage the revitalization and utilization. Clearer answers have been given to questions like “what to be protected,” “who to protect,” “how to protect,” and “how to use,” in the regulations regarding Beijing Historic City.

The following are the highlights of the regulations: first, it is clarified for the first time that the whole area should be protected. The regulations insist on the integrity and full coverage of the protection of the city, and specify that the scope of the Beijing Historic City covers the entire administrative area of the city, so as to protect as much as possible; second, the regulations propose that the protection of Beijing historic city implements a “protection list system;” third, to precisely control so as to effectively protect. The regulations distinguish between different areas, such as core protection areas, construction control zones, traditional courtyard housing areas, and the areas with special characters, to which classified management should be applied. Fourth, the regulations propose to establish a “protection responsible person system.” According to different protection objects, the district governments, sub-district office, towns and townships, as well as owners and users of historical buildings, have the responsibility to protect the objects. At the same time, the regulations also set up a large number of conservation practices norms. Fifth, the regulations adhere to the principle of “protection before use,” encouraging and supporting the rational use and orderly opening of protection objects. Based on the needs of historic protection and inheritance, the responsible departments should make a positive or negative list for the protection and utilization, and specify the activities that are encouraged, and supported, or restricted, and prohibited.

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