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Wu Liangyong Academic Achievement Exhibition Held in Tsinghua University
The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University, also coincides with the 99th birthday of Prof. Wu Liangyong, who is an Academician of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. On Mar. 31, 2021, the Wu Liangyong Academic Achievement Exhibition was opened at the Tsinghua University Art Museum. The exhibition was jointly held by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Tsinghua University, co-sponsored by the Urban Planning Society of China, Tsinghua University School of Architecture, Tsinghua University Art Museum, Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute, Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning & Design Institute, and the Institute of Architectural and Urban Studies of Tsinghua University. Through five panels, i.e., Old Gardener in Tsinghua Campus, From the Architecture to the Wide Universe, Science of Human Settlements: Human Centered Theory and Practice, Regional and City Planning, and Wander in the World of Art, a comprehensive display of Prof. Wu Liangyong’s outstanding achievements in teaching and education, architectural design, scientific research, planning practice, and artistic creation was presented, showcasing Prof. Wu’s spirit and characters.

Wu Liangyong is a famous architect, and urban and rural planner and educator. He is the creator of the Science of Human Settlements, and was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Urban Planning Society of China. For more than 70 years, he has been committed to his education and research position, with the country and the people in his heart, fully dedicating to his diligent work. He has successfully applied the Science of Human Settlements on the regional, urban and rural, architectural, landscape, and other multi-scale and multi-type planning and design researches and practices, making a significant contribution for the cause of human settlements construction in both China and abroad. 

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