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Transport Circle (交通圈 jiāo tōng quān): Transport circle refers to the traffic attraction range of a central place, which is represented by the coverage scope defined by the cut-off points of traffic flow on its traffic lines. It is often used to form other relative concepts regarding transportation. In September 2019, China issued the Outline of Building China into a Strong Transport Country, stipulating the construction of two transport circles by 2035. They are the National 1-2-3 Travel Transport Circle which guarantees one-hour commuting within a metropolitan area, two-hour inter-city connection within a city cluster, and three-hour inter-city connection among all the major cities of the country; and the Global 1-2-3 Express Logistics Transport Circle which guarantees one-day delivery within China, two-day delivery to neighboring countries, and three-day delivery to major global cities around the world.

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