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Opinions of the CCCPC and the State Council on Promoting High-Quality Development of the Central Region in the New Era Released
The Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCCPC) and the State Council on Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Central Region in the New Era was released on Jul. 22, 2021, responding to the new requirements of the new era and outlining a blueprint for promoting the high-quality development of the central region (the central China including six adjacent provinces of Shanxi, Henan, Anhui, Hubei, Jiangxi, and Hunan). The Opinions include 8 parts with 25 articles. The first part consists of the general requirements, a clear guiding ideology, and main objectives. The second to the sixth part focus on innovative development, coordinated development, green development, open development, and shared development, which put forward a series of concrete and practical initiatives. The seventh and eighth part emphasize “improving the policy measures to promote high-quality development in the central region” and “carefully grasping the organization and implementation” respectively, which clarify the guaranteeing mechanism for the quality promotion of development in the central region. The Opinion points out that, with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era as its guidance, and with promoting the high-quality development as its theme, deepening the supply-side structural reform as its main line, reform and innovation as the fundamental driving force, and meeting people’s growing needs for a better life as the fundamental purpose, efforts should be put into giving full play to the central region’s comparative advantages in location, resources, market potential, cultural heritage, etc., focusing on building a modern industrial system supported by advanced manufacturing industries, enhancing the coordination of urban and rural regional development, building a beautiful central region by green development, promoting a high opening level of the inland, improving the level of protection of basic public services, reforming and improving institutional mechanisms, and accelerating the rise of the central region to make greater contributions in the new journey of building a modern socialist country. According to the Opinions, by 2025, breakthroughs shall be made in the quality, efficiency, and driving force upgrading, the input and output efficiency shall be significantly improved, and the comprehensive strength, endogenous power, and competitiveness shall be further enhanced. By 2035, the central region’s modernized economic system shall be basically built up, the industry as a whole shall be promoted to the middle and high-end level, the coordinated development of urban and rural areas shall be promoted to a relatively high level, the green and low-carbon production and lifestyle shall be basically formed, the open economic system and mechanism shall be improved, people’s lives shall be better and happier, the socialist modernization shall be basically realized, and more obvious and substantial progress shall be made in the common prosperity of the country.

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