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Premier WEN Jiabao Presided over the Research on Six Measures to Promote Healthy Real Estate Development
On May 17, 2006, Premier WEN Jiabao presided over the Executive Meeting of the State Council, putting forward six pertinent measures to deal with the current problems in the real estate development. The first is to adjust the structure of housing supply to focus on the development of medium and low priced while medium and small-sized housing, affordable housing and low-rent housing. Local governments are required to establish and implement housing construction planning to regulate the structure of new housing supply. The second is to further enhance the regulating function of taxing, crediting and land policies. It is required to strictly execute the policies on housing development and marketing, to further improve the tax policies on housing trade, and to reasonably adjust the credit policies with accordance to different circumstances, so as to intervene and guide the housing demand. The scale of land supply for real estate development should be defined scientifically and the supervision on land use should be strengthened, so as to prevent stocking up lands. The third is to reasonably control the scale and the pace of dismantling and removing, so as to slow down the over-growth of passive request on housing. The fourth is to further regulate the real estate market. It is required to intensify the monitoring over the entire development and construction process of real estate, so as to prohibit the activities of changing projects without authorization, illegal deals, stocking up housing and driving up housing prices. The fifth is to accelerate the institutional construction on urban low-rent housing, to regulate the development of affordable housing, to facilitate the development of second-hand housing market and rental market, so as to deal with the housing problems of low-income families step by step. The last is to complete the statistics and information systems, so as to increase the transparency of the real estate market. The distribution of market information should be comprehensive, timely and accurate, while a justified orientation of public opinion should be persisted.

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