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State Council Puts forward Stricter Measures on Land Administration
Premier WEN Jiabao presided over the Executive Meeting of the State Council on July 25, 2006, making arrangements on further strengthening the interventions to the land market. Regarding the unreasonable phenomena such as the over-growth of construction land area, the excessive expansion of industrial land at low cost, the illegal and irregular land use, and the inappropriate occupation of arable land, which occurred amid land administration, especially during the process of land market intervention, the meeting declared that stricter administration measures should be taken to strengthen the interventions to the land market. Firstly, the benefiting mechanism should be adjusted. The expropriation cost should be raised so that the compensation and the resettlement can ensure the improvement of living level of the land-lost farmers, as well as their long-term living. The income and expense management on land transfer should be regulated, with the fund gained from state-owned land transferring being completely brought into local budget and the income and the expense managements being treated separately. The standards of land use payment for new construction land, taxation for urban land use and taxation for occupying arable land should be adjusted, and the mechanism to regularly promulgate the minimum price standard of industrial land transfer should be established. Secondly, the responsibility system should be improved. The local governments of different levels should take the general responsibility for the land administration and the arable land protection within the administrative bondary and the activities of illegal and irregular land use like “renting instead of expropriation” should be strictly prohibited. Thirdly, the legislation system should be completed. It is required to full play the function of the state land monitoring institutions, to intensify the supervision and examination on the law executions of the local governments and the land administration departments, and to harshly punish the illegal land-use activities, in particular to openly deal with certain major illegal and irregular cases and to prosecute the ones that commit crime.

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