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Lifelong Appointment of Historic Village Being Terminated
According to the information issued from Chinese Historic Towns (Villages) Sodality & Seminar on Historic and Cultural Resources Protection held by the Ministry of Construction and the Urban Planning Society of China on Oct. 31, 2006, in Yi County of Anhui Province, the Ministry of Construction and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage would track and inspect the evolution of Chinese Historic Towns (Villages) and establish the disqualification mechanism of Chinese Historic Towns (Villages).

Since 2003, the Ministry of Construction and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage have announced in success two groups of Chinese Historic Towns (Villages), formally establishing the conservation institution on historic towns in China. At present, there are 80 towns (villages) being officially classified as Chinese Historic Towns (Villages). They are distributed in 25 provinces of the country, basically reflecting the traditional features of the historic towns of different regions.

According to the Ministry of Construction, the application and selection of the third group of Chinese Historic Towns (Villages) is now undergoing. Meanwhile together with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, it is working to draft the Standards of Classification, Investigation and Evaluation on the Heritage Resources of Historic Towns (Villages), to start to set up the information system and the conservation supervisor system of dynamic monitoring on Historic Towns (Villages), as well as the disqualification mechanism of Historic Towns (Villages) which will annul the appointment of the Historic Towns (Villages) whose traditional features are so severely damaged that they could no longer meet the standards of Chinese Historic Towns (Villages), so that the phenomenon of “stressing application while neglecting conservation” would be prohibited eventually.

There were 80 representatives of Chinese Historic Towns (Villages) all over the country and experts from China Academy of Urban Planning & Design, Tsinghua University and so on presented on the Seminar on Historic and Cultural Resources Protection, carrying out broad communications and discussions and jointly producing the Yi County Proposal on the protection of historic and cultural resources. The Yi County Proposal advocates actively boosting the protection on historic and cultural resources, arousing the public consciousness to devote into the protection, protecting the traditional architecture, the folk custom and culture and the historic environment, and revitalizing the historic towns and villages, so as to realize the sustainable development and utilization of the historic and cultural resources.

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