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State Environmental Protection Administration of China Released 2005 Report on the State of Environment in China
The Report publicizes the state of environment of the country in 2005 from the aspects of surface water quality, urban air quality, land use, and regional acoustic environment. Regarding land use, it was reported that China saw a net decrease of arable land of 361.6 thousand hectares, among which there were 138.7 thousand hectares occupied by constructions, 53.5 thousand hectares destroyed by disasters, 390.3 thousand hectares returned to forestry or grassland for ecological conservation, 12.3 thousand hectares transformed into other agricultural use due to agricultural restructuring, and 306.7 thousand hectares used for compensating land reclaim and land reconditioning. Moreover, there was 73.4 thousand hectares arable land occupied by constructions which were not reported to the authority concerned for the approval of land use change. Meanwhile, the total area of water loss and soil erosion reached 3.56 million km2, occupying 37.1% of the total area of China, among which 1.65 million km2 was eroded by water and 1.91 million km2 was eroded by wind. The areas of water loss and soil erosion are mainly located in mountains, highlands and sand drift areas, especially the upper reaches of big rivers, and there was 5 billion tons of soil lost caused by water loss and soil erosion every year in China.

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