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Chinese Ministry of Construction issued 2005 Statistic Bulletin About Buildings in Cities and Towns of China
According to the Bulletin, by the end of 2005, the building floor area in China’s cities and towns reached 16.5 billion m2, among which the housing floor area was 10.8 billion m2, occupying 65.5% of the total. From the regional perspective, the building floor area in the cities and towns of East China was 8.4 billion m2, making up 51.0% of the total of the country, while the figures for Central and West China were 4.5 billion m2 and 3.5 billion m2, occupying respectively 27.5% and 21.6% of the total of the country. In terms of housing floor area in cities and towns, the figures were 5.4 billion m2 for East China, 3.0 billion m2 for Central China, and 2.4 billion m2 for West China, making up respectively 49.8%, 28.2% and 22% of the total housing floor area of China. In terms of housing in cities and towns, the floor area per capita was 26.1 m2 while 83.2 m2 per household.

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