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Annual National Planning Conference 2006 & 50th Anniversary Celebration of UPSC
The Annual National Planning Conference 2006 & the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC) was held in Guangzhou from Sept. 21 to 23, 2006.

This is a real summit of planning, with WANG Guangtao, Minister of Construction; QIU Baoxing, Vice Minister of Construction; ZHOU Ganshi, President of UPSC; ZHAO Baojiang, President of China Association of City Planning; CHEN Xiaolin, Chief Planner of Ministry of Construction; TANG Kai, Director of Urban and Rural Planning Department, Ministry of Construction; LAI Ming, Director of Science and Technology Department, Ministry of Construction; ZHONG Yangsheng, Vice Governor of People’s Government of Guangdong Province; LAO Yingxun, Director of Construction Department of People’s Government of Guangdong Province; ZHANG Guangning, Mayer of People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality; LING Weixian, Vice Mayor of People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, et al., being presented together with more than 2,000 representatives from 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of China to discuss the issues of urban planning and development. The Minister WANG Guangtao delivered the keynote speech of “Towards Better Urban Planning of the New Era with Open Minds and Creative Innovations” on the opening ceremony.

This is a grand academic gathering, with Dr. QIU Baoxing, Vice Minister of Construction; ZHOU Ganshi and WU Liangyong, Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, respectively delivering the speeches of “Intensity and Diversity: Core of Sustainable Development of Chinese Cities”, “Creating the New Era of Urban Construction Through Scientific Planning”, and “Understanding the Changes of the Past & the Present, Seizing the Rules of Development and Exploring the Way of Innovation”. Anthony G. O. Yeh, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences; ZOU Deci and ZHANG Jinqiu, Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, et al. attended the conference. There are 18 theme symposiums on the conference, with 155 papers represented which were selected from the 815 submitted. The conference proceeding entitled Fifty Years of Planning: Proceeding of Annual National Planning Conference 2006, which was published before the conference, contains 405 papers in three consecutive volumes. In the five free forums and five special forums, lots of participants were attracted and heated debates were held. The Annual Report on the Academic Progress of China Urban Planning 2006 was also issued during the conference.

This is a historically significant conference, particularly with the approval of the Guangzhou Declaration of China City Planning. It is the first time that UPSC adopts the form of declaration to present its stand and viewpoint to the entire society. On the conference, nine prestigious experts, WU Liangyong, HOU Renzhi, LI Dehua, CAO Hongtao, ZHENG Xiaoxie, CHU Chuanheng, ZHAO Shixiu, SONG Chunhua and HU Xuwei, were honored with the “Outstanding Contribution Award”; five authors were awarded with the certificate and the bonus of the “Planning Theory Forum Award”; and 37 UPSC members were honored as the outstanding member of UPCS for the year of 2006. UPSC Memorabilia 1956 - 2006 was also officially published during the conference.

This is a real internationalized conference, with the presence of the representatives from either regional, national or international planning organizations overseas, including Prof. Milica Bajic Brkovic, Secretary General of International Society of City and Regional Planning; Mr. Jens Krause, representative of the President of International Federation for Housing and Planning; Mr. Chris Leach, President of Canadian Institute of Planners; Prof. Takashi Onishi, President of City Planning Institute of Japan and Prof. Shigemori Kanazawa, Director of the International Committee of CPIJ; Prof. Hur Jai-Wan, Vice President of Korea Planners Association and Prof. Kim Hyun-Soo, Director of the International Committee of KPA; Paul Farmer, CEO of American Planners Association and Mr. GUO Yufeng, Manager of the International Program of APA; Prof. WU Fulong, President of International Association of Chinese Planners; Prof. Hok-Lin Leung from Queen’s University of Canada, as well as Mr. Stanley Yip, President of Hong Kong Institute of Planners, and Mrs. Ava Ng Tse Suk-ying, Director of Hong Kong Planning Department from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. The leaders of the regional, national and international planning organizations from both homeland and abroad discussed on the international roundtable meeting how to further the international collaborations, and participated in the international forum of “Renovating Planning System”.

This is a grand gathering of planning professionals, with the participants including not only the council members and members of UPSC, the members of the affiliated committees of UPSC, the professors from colleges and universities, but also the directors of provincial department of construction, the mayors in charge of urban construction, the directors of municipal bureau of planning, the chairmen and chief engineers of planning institutes. More than 30 senior UPSC members in their 70s gathered with the young and middle-aged planners to celebrate the anniversary. The 42 articles they wrote for recollection were included in the Fifty Years of Planning: Paper Collection in Memory of the 50th Anniversary of UPSC. At the same time, a special urban planning exhibition entitled “Fifty Years’ Glory” was held during the conference, attracting a lot of conference participants and local citizens. It contained the theme exhibitions on 50-year History of UPSC, 50-year Urban Planning in China, Urban Planning Education, Track of Cities, and Planning and Design Achievements.

The third session of the third standing council meeting and the third session of the third council meeting of UPSC were also held during the conference.

Sponsored by the UPSC, co-sponsored by the municipal government of Guangzhou and the Construction Department of People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and organized by Guangzhou Planning Bureau, this conference is not only an exhibition of the urban planning achievements in the year of 2006, but also an exchange of the academic progresses in the field of urban planning. In addition, it is a gathering that inherits the past, opens up the future, and motivates the contemporaries, and it is also a classroom that emphasizes the social responsibilities of city planners.

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