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Shenzhen City Defined as First Comprehensive Experimental City of National Housing Industrialization in China
At the end of 2006, Shenzhen was defined as the first comprehensive experimental city of national housing industrialization in China by the Ministry of Construction. According to the Responsibility of Comprehensive Experimental City for Implementing National Housing Industrialization co-signed by the Ministry of Construction and the municipal government of Shenzhen, Shenzhen will strictly follow the overall goal, schedule, and content set in the Feasibility Report on Establishing a Comprehensive Experimental City of National Housing Industrialization in Shenzhen to carry out the experimental work. The city will actively explore the experiences and mechanisms that can facilitate the modernization of housing industry and the construction of housing which can save energy and land, aiming at solving the conflicts between urban development and fund shortage, providing citizens with high-quality and low-consumption housing, and playing the role of setting an example and summarizing and popularizing the experiences in China.

Previously, the Ministry of Construction decided to select three to five cities and more than 10 enterprises or corporations as bases to conduct the experiment of national housing industrialization. The goal is to explore the mechanisms, policies and measures which can promote the modernization of housing industry by fully exerting the influence of local governments, and to establish the development mode of housing industry and set up the modern production system of housing industrialization which accords with the local features. Moreover, it is expected to summarize the experience, to set an example for the whole nation, and to boost the modernization of housing industry in an all-round way.

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