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Ecological Screen of Nature Reserves Primarily Formed Around Beijing and Tianjin
With an area of 445,000 ha, 20 forest, wetland, and wild animal nature reserves have been built around Beijing and Tianjin in Hebei Province up to now, where all of the typical ecological classes around Beijing and Tianjin are included and the ecological screen of nature reserves protecting Beijing and Tianjin is primarily formed.

Hebei Province has quickened the pace of nature reserve construction in recent years. Currently, the nature reserves occupy 2.37% of the territorial area of Hebei Province, which is six times of that before 2000. These nature reserves are distributed evenly within a distance of 300 km to the periphery of Beijing and Tianjin, playing an important role in blocking sand and dust, preserving water resources, protecting species gene, and maintaining the ecological balance of Beijing and Tianjin.

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