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Ten Ancient Villages Release Declaration of Ancient Village Development and Protection
On Sept. 17, 2006, the heads of some well-known ancient villages like Wenhua Village of Tunbao of Guizhou Province, Bailu Village of Gan County of Jiangxi Province, Ding Village of Shanxi Province, Bangtang Village of Leizhou of Guangdong Province, etc. gathered in Yangshan Village of Guiyang County of Chenzhou City of Hunan Province to conduct communication and cooperation on such issues as how to explore the cultural connotation, protect the cultural identity, and set up the cultural brand of ancient villages, and then released Yangshan Declaration together.

According to the Declaration, the ten allied ancient villages will work together to strengthen the protection of the architectural cultures, ethnic customs, and folk arts and culture of ancient villages, to further explore the connotation of cultural identity of ancient villages, to create the cultural brand of ancient villages, and to boost the development of tourism industry of ancient villages.

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