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National Development and Reform Commission Adopts Eight Measures to Enhance Energy-Saving and Pollution-Reducing in 2007
Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) declared that the NDRC will adopt eight measures to enhance energy-saving and pollution-reducing in 2007. The first is to strengthen restructuring. The “two gates” to land credit and the admission to land market should be further strictly controlled; while the permit for implementation of new constructions should also be well administrated with the precondition that the “six requirements” on land, environment, energy-saving, etc. must be fulfilled. The second is to stimulate technical progress, with a number of demonstration projects being implemented which indicate the development and the industrialization of certain key techniques applying on energy-saving and pollution-reducing. The third is to enhance the administration on energy-saving and consumption-reducing, with the staged energy-saving goals being formulated and the responsibility system and evaluation system of energy-saving being established at different levels. The fourth is to boost the development of recycling economy, with the plan of key industries for recycling economy development being drafted and the evaluation index system of recycling economy being established and released. The fifth is to strengthen the protection of environment and the treatment of pollution. The sixth is to complete the legislations, in particular to accelerate the promulgation of the Law on Energy Saving (Adapted) and that of the Law on Recycling Economy, as well as the formulation and revision of the relative laws and regulations. The seventh is to complete the supporting policies. And the eighth is to strengthen the propaganda on energy-saving.

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