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Ministry of Construction Vigorously Boosting Energy-Saving of Buildings
According to the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Construction (MOC), the MOC will conduct in 2007 a series of investigation on the actual energy-consumption of residential buildings and its growth trend in the transition area from North China to South China, and in South China as well. The aim is to understand the condition of energy-consumption, to analyze the potential for energy saving, so as to clarify the energy-saving goals and to establish the evaluation system.

Moreover, the MOC will prepare for the release of the Regulation on Energy Saving of Civil Buildings, help the National People’s Congress to formulate and amend the relevant laws and regulations, such as the Law on Energy Saving and the Law on Recycling Economy, study, in collaboration with the departments concerned, the economic policies concerning environment-friendly building and green building as well which can save energy and land, and formulate the Administration Measures on Energy-Saving Building.

The MOC will strengthen its supervision of energy-saving particularly on new buildings, improving the evaluation standards, and carrying out the specific inspections in China in 2007. In the meantime, it will study and establish the market admission system for new buildings with focus on the assessment indicators of energy efficiency of buildings, formulating and releasing the Administration Measures on Assessment Indicators of Energy-Efficiency of Buildings and the Technical Guidelines for the Techniques of Assessment Indicators of Energy-Efficiency of Buildings.

Regarding the public properties that consume a huge amount of energy, the MOC will formulate the Advice on Strengthening Administration over Energy Saving of Government Office Buildings and Large Public Buildings, the Statistical Method of Energy Consumption of Government Office Buildings and Large Public Buildings, etc. Due attention will be paid to the twenty one demonstrative cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, etc., where the energy consumption of certain government office buildings and large public buildings will be publicized by the end of the year.

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