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Minister WANG Guangtao Gives Lectures on Housing Right
In May 2007, Tongji University in Shanghai celebrated its 100th anniversary and held a series of activities. As one of the key events, the International Forum on Urban Development entitled “Urban Development amid Globalization” was held on May 20, on which WANG Guangtao, Minister of Construction, delivered the keynote speech and expressed that “Everybody will enjoy proper house” in China.

WANG Guangtao says that it is essential to build a well-off society in an all-round way that people can live and work in peace and contentment. China is now trying to establish the modes of housing construction and consumption with Chinese characteristics, that is, taking into consideration the national conditions of large population and scarce land as well as the current level of economic development, to make the plans rationally, to conduct the constructions scientifically, to consume moderately, and to popularize broadly the environment-friendly buildings which can save both energy and land.

According to WANG Guangtao, the governments should pay especial attention to dealing with the housing problems of the low-income family. As housing is a basic right of man, the housing development in the future should shift from excessively pursuing the growth of economy and the increase of average living area to emphasizing the social justice and solving the problems concerning people’s basic needs, so as to make sure that more medium- and low-income families could share the achievements of the reform and opening up. The low-rent social housing system should be established and completed gradually which benefits not only the families who enjoy all the assurances for the minimum living standard, but also the low-income families with housing difficulties in both the urban and rural areas.

WANG Guangtao suggests that, with the subsidy of government, the support of organization owning the property right, and the payment of resident, rehabilitation works should be carried out to consolidate the structures, save energy, and renovate the civil infrastructures, so as to improve the living environment. Moreover, the issue of housing for medium- and low-income migrants and farmer-workers in cities should also be studied.

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