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China Invests 30 million yuan (RMB) more on Wetland Protection
On the ceremony celebrating the establishment of the “Office of People’s Republic of China for Implementation of International Wetland Pact” organized by the State Forestry Administration, it is announced that China plans to invest 30 million yuan (RMB) on the protection of wetland all over the country, with a number of key international wetlands and national wetland parks being set up, and the measure of applying for international key wetland, as well as the administration measure of national wetland park being released.

The Chinese government highly values the protection of wetland, by issuing the Action Plan of China for Wetland Protection, approving the Implementation Plan of National Wetland Protection, both of which are listed in the national “11th Five-year Planning”, and carrying out the key ecologic projects of forestry. In 2006, China invested 20 million yuan (RMB) on strengthening the protection of national wetlands; while in 2007, another 30 million yuan (RMB) is planned to be invested for wetland protection.

China’s achievements in wetland protection have gained wide recognition in the world. In recent years, with the healthy development of wetland protection, more than 470 natural reserves of wetland have been established in China, making 45% of the natural wetlands of the country and occupying an area of more than 17 million ha, which are under the strict mechanism of protection zone. Meanwhile, 30 key international wetlands and 7 national wetland parks have also been set up.

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