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Development of Key Areas of West China to Be Advanced in Five Categories
According to the news from the National Development and Reform Commission, with thanks to the acceleration of industrialization and the strategic restructuring of agriculture since the policy of Western Development was adopted, the urbanization rate of West China has increased from 28.7% in 2000 to 35% in 2006. In order to speed up the urbanization and boost the development of the key areas in the west, the development planning for the key areas is undergoing, putting forward the idea to classify the development of these areas into five categories. The first is to promote the development of key economic zones in priority, i.e., to foster the formation of key economic zones including the areas of Chengdu-Chongqing and Guanzhong (Shaanxi Province)-Tianshui (Gansu Province) and that surrounding Beibu Bay, and, with the optimization of the spatial layout of economic development, to make them the strategic base for leading and supporting the Western Development. The second is to encourage the concentrated development of city clusters, i.e., to make full use of the comprehensive advantages of the provincial capital cities like Guiyang and Kunming and the regional core cities, such as relatively high industrialization level, high population density, rich knowledge resources, advantageous geographical location, convenient transportation, comparatively good ecological environment, etc. to improve the cities’ comprehensive carrying capacity, so as to exert their leading and concentrating effects. The third is to promote the orderly development of resources-based areas, i.e. to scientifically orient their industrial development by making full play of the resource advantages and comparative advantages, so as to drive the growth of local economy. The fourth is to promote the leap-forward development of major frontier port cities, i.e., to renovate, based on the major frontier ports, a number of commodity markets and logistics parks where resource products such as energy, raw material, featured agricultural product, grain, cotton, etc. are distributed, so as to promote the export of advantageous products. The fifth is to support the development of minority regions, i.e., to increase the financial support of the Central Government to the minority nationality regions where the poor are gathering, like Sanjiangyuan of Qinghai Province, Nu River of Yunnan Province, Southern Gansu Province, and Buyi-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Southern Guizhou Province, so as to alleviate the poverty of the minorities and to promote the production and processing of featured agricultural products in these regions.

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