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Beijing Brings Forward Index on Constructing Economical City
Recently, Beijing Construction Committee released the “11th Five-year” Plan for the Development of Construction Science and Technology in Beijing, which listed the goal of constructing an economical city and the main tasks of science and technology innovation and promotion. Regarding the construction of economical city, the Plan required that the average energy-consumption for heating should be reduced by 17% each unit area and the rate of water-saving during the process of construction and utilization should be increased by 20% on the current basis. It is also required that building materials should be saved, with the components and the wastes being reclaimed and reutilized, and the total consumption of non-recyclable resources by new buildings being reduced by 10%. Moreover, the Plan advocated the development of green building, with more than 30% of the new public buildings and more than 20% of the new residential buildings reaching the green building standards, and 40% of the building materials being green ones.

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