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State Council Approves in Principle Mid- and Long-term Development Planning for Renewable Energy
On June 7, 2007, the Mid- and Long-Term Development Planning for Renewable Energy was reviewed and approved in principle on the executive meeting of the State Council presided over by Premier WEN Jiabao.

It was pointed out on the meeting that the development of renewable energy is highly significant to guaranteeing the energy safety, protecting the ecological environment, and achieving the sustainable development. The development and utilization of renewable energy should be considered as a major strategic measure, which should be implemented with great efforts. At present and in the future, the exploration and utilization of waterpower, solar energy, wind power, biomass power, and marsh gas should be accelerated. The general goals are to promote the proportion of renewable energy in energy structure, to solve the problem of electricity supplying in remote areas, to improve the work and living conditions in the countryside, to boost the energy transformation of organic wastes, and to facilitate the industrialization of renewable energy technology.

It is required that the exploration and utilization of renewable energy should be integrated with the efforts to enhance the energy-saving, reduce the energy consumption, and reply to the changes of global climate, during which the following principles should be respected. Firstly, the related policies should be established and completed in line with the general goal of renewable energy development. Secondly, the effective measures should be adopted to foster a constantly stable market of renewable energy. Thirdly, the scientific and technical study on renewable energy, as well as its demonstrating application and industrialized development should be heavily supported, with the financial input being enlarged and the favorable tax policies being applied. Fourthly, it should be planned scientifically in close accordance with the local conditions for a rational layout and an orderly development, without occupying any farmland, consuming too much grain, and damaging the ecology and the environment.

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