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Premier WEN Jiabao Puts Forward Seven Requirements for Development of YRD Region
On May 15, 2007, Premier WEN Jiabao presided over the forum on the socio-economic development of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) Region. He indicated that the reform and opening-up should be further boosted in the YRD Region with the mind being more opened, so as to make the region fully exert its regional advantages to achieve the advanced and scientific development, with its comprehensive capacity, innovation capacity, sustainable development capacity, and international competition capacity being further promoted.

Premier WEN Jiabao stressed that it is a heavy task to further advance the reform and opening-up in the YRD Region, as well as to promote its socio-economic development. In a certain period in future, emphasis should be laid on the following seven aspects. Firstly, to boost the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, to accelerate the transformation of economic growth mode, and to highlight the energy-saving and the environmental protection. Secondly, to implement the strategy of relying on science and education to rejuvenate the nation, to remarkably increase the capacity of self-innovation, and to build the YRD Region into an innovative one. Thirdly, to facilitate the integrated construction of major infrastructures, to reduce and avoid repetitive constructions, and to promote the efficiency of regional cooperation. Fourthly, to coordinate the rural and urban development, to change the dual system between city and countryside, and to substantially promote the construction of new socialist countryside. Fifthly, to optimize the city layout, to explore the new pattern of urbanization, and to make the core cities fully play their leading role. Sixthly, to highlight the social harmony, to enable the public to enjoy the achievements of reform and development, and to build the YRD Region into a region of harmonious society. Finally, to further the reform and opening-up, to emphasize the institutional construction, in particular the accelerated completion of a system that is more open and more vigorous, and to upgrade the opening-up level in an all-round way.

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