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Vice Premier ZENG Peiyan Calls for Development of “Low-carbon” Economy
On the World Environment Day 2007, Vice Premier ZENG Peiyan indicated that the global warming has severely influenced the ecological system of nature and the living environment of man. China recently released the national program dealing with the climate changes, as well as the comprehensive plan for energy-saving and waste-reduction, both of which indicate the country’s efforts to fight against the problems caused by the climate changing. Guided by the Scientific View of Development and the principle of “sharing common but differentiating responsibilities”, emphases should be laid on boosting structural adjustment, saving energy and resources, building eco-projects, controlling population growth, actively developing “low-carbon economy” and “carbon-absorbing economy”, struggling to limit the release of greenhouse gas, and promoting the capacity of adapting to climate changes, so as to contribute to the improvement of global environment. China will adopt vigorous measures to strictly restrict the construction of high energy-consumption and heavy-pollution projects while accelerating to eliminate the industries of backward productivity and severe pollution, to enhance the construction and management of pollution treatment projects while assuring the full-load operation of the established projects, to strengthen the implementation and supervision of the environmental law and carry out the special actions of environment protection with the main focus on dealing with the environmental problems that directly threaten people’s health, and to make efforts to investigate and eliminate the potential dangers, to upgrade the capacity of dealing with the environment emergencies, and to establish and improve the systems of index, monitoring and evaluation of pollution reduction.

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