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China’s Educational Level to Be Remarkably Promoted in Next Three Years
China’s educational level will be remarkably promoted in the next three years; as a result, the increase of labor force will be mainly composed of high school graduates, and about 10% of the employees will be college graduate. These are the goals put forward in the Outline of 11th Five-year Planning for China’s Education Development that was approved by the State Council recently and delivered to the local governments for implementation.

According to the Outline, by 2010 in China, the nine-year compulsory education will be popularized and consolidated, with the net enrolment rate of elementary school being kept at above 99%, the gross enrolment rate of middle school reaching above 98%; meanwhile the rate of illiterate youth and prime should be reduced to around 2%, the gross enrolment rate of high school reach about 80%, the scale of secondary vocational education be close to that of regular high school education, the gross enrolment rate of university and college be about 25% with 30 million students receiving higher education, and both the adult education and the continuing education be remarkably developed with hundreds of millions of urban and rural laborers receiving a proper training each year.

It is shown that the current educational level per capita in China is comparatively low, with the average education time of employees being less than that in the developed countries by more than three years.

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