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State Council Starts Second National Land Survey
In order to keep track of the reliable basic data of land resources and meet the demand of boosting the socio-economic development and enhancing the administration of land resources, the State Council decides to carry out the second national land survey which will be started on July 1, 2007, and closed in 2009, focusing on four major tasks, i.e., the survey of land use in the rural areas which aims at clarifying the category, location, scope, area and property right of each piece of land; the survey of land use in the urban areas which aims at making clear the boundary, scope, borderlines, quantity, and usage of each plot; the survey of basic farmland which aims at presenting the protected plots of basic farmland onto the current land-use plan and having them licensed and registered; and the establishment of a land-use database system and a land registration information system to realize the sharing of the survey outcomes through the Internet. Moreover, based on the survey, a mechanism of collecting, monitoring and rapid updating of the changing information concerning land resources will be established.

When arranging the task, Vice Premier ZENG Peiyan pointed out that the reliable and accurate basic data of land resources is not only quite crucial to implementing the strictest land administration system, but also significant to practicing the Scientific View of Development in an all-round way, realizing the 11th Five-year Plan, and maintaining the bottom line of 120 million ha farmland in the country. It is required that, through the new round of land survey, the basic conditions of each plot in the urban and rural areas, especially those of the basic farmlands, should be clarified and the systems of land survey, land statistics, and land registration should be established and improved, so as to realize the informationization and networked administration of land. Moreover, it is stressed that the land survey is an important survey over the national situation and capacity.

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