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Increase of Construction Land in 2007 Occupies Same Amount of Farmland as That of Previous Year
Lately, the Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) released China’s Land-use Plan of 2007, according to which the increase of construction land will occupy the same amount of farmland as that of last year.

It is required that the localities of different levels should strictly control the total increase of construction land, with no projects that are neither in accordance with the plan nor in possession of land utilization quota being approved of land utilization, so as to eliminate the phenomena of land-use approval and land utilization beyond the plan; meanwhile, the newly emended regulations concerning the forbidden and restricted land-use should be implemented definitely, so as to control the land for industrial use and to prohibit the land for certain projects including the real estate development of villa, the golf course, the new training center of Party and government organizations, state-owned enterprises and public institutions.

Meanwhile, it is declared that the localities of different levels should carry out the land-use planning in an all-round way. Under the precondition of strictly controlling the total increase of construction land, the priority should be given to the key infrastructures and the projects that are favored by the industrial policies, so as to guarantee the land supply for the projects concerning people’s livelihood and the infrastructures in the countryside such as transportation, water conservancy, compulsory education, medical care, etc.

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