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State Council Requires to Improve Low-rent Housing System
In order to further deepen the reform on urban housing system and intensify the efforts to solve the housing problem of the low-income families, the State Council of China recently released the Suggestions on Solving Housing Problem of Low-income Families in City, clarifying the guiding principles, the general requirements, and the fundamental rules of the work on resolving the housing problem of the low-income families in city (including county).

It is required in the Suggestions that, targeting at the low-income families in city, the low-rent housing system should be established, the economically affordable housing system should be further improved, and the renovation of dilapidated houses and old neighborhoods should be intensified, so that by the end of the 11th Five-year Plan, the housing condition of the low-income families will be obviously improved, and the living condition of other groups in housing difficulty such as farmer laborers will be gradually improved.

The Suggestions stresses that, in order to solve the housing problem of the low-income families, the basic housing demand should be met based on the actual situation of the country, and the phased actions should be taken according to unified planning, and the government should play the major role while with social participation, and the policies should be integrated in accordance with the local conditions, and the provincial government should take the general responsibility while the municipal and county governments being in charge of the implementation.

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