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State Tourism Administration Releases Temporary Measures for Tourism Resources Protection
In order to strengthen the protection of tourism resources and ecological environment and to boost the sustainable, healthy, and coordinated development of tourism industry, the State Tourism Administration of China formulated the Temporary Measures for Tourism Resources Protection, which was distributed to the local tourism administration departments of different levels.

The Measures covers the various tourism resources that have been developed, including natural heritages, cultural heritages, geologic parks, forests, scenic sites, water conservancy projects, cultural relics, city parks, scientific and educational facilities, industrial and agricultural sites, wetlands, islands, and oceans, as well as the diversified material and non-material resources that are not developed yet but are of great tourism development values. The Measures requires that the tourism administration departments of different levels should balance the relationship between tourism resources protection and tourism development properly, and the special plan for tourism resources protection should be compiled which will be included into the local tourism development planning. Moreover, the Measures states the specific regulations on the establishment of the database of tourism resources development, the investment on tourism resources development, the reception volume of the tourism areas, and the establishment of the announcement system of tourism resources protection.

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