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China Increases Investment in Infrastructure Construction in Countryside in 2007
Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Governmental Guide for Investment in Rural Development 2007, which summarizes the investment policies and focuses of the Central Government of China to support the rural development. It is stated in the Guide that China will vigorously adjust the investment structure and accelerate the establishment of a stable growth mechanism of investment in rural development. First of all, the growth rate of the national fixed asset investment in the countryside will be higher than that of last year as before, with about 62 billion yuan (RMB) being invested by the Central Government in agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, aerography, poverty alleviation, renovation of rural roads, construction of rural power facilities, construction of agricultural product markets, development of rural social causes, and construction of the fundamental institution in the countryside. Secondly, the direct investment for improving the working and living conditions in the countryside will be higher than that of last year, with more than 36 billion yuan (RMB) being invested in food production, construction of “water, gas, road, power” projects, construction of educational, medical, and cultural facilities, and poverty alleviation in the countryside. Thirdly, the balanced development between different regions will be promoted, with the investment in West Development being higher than that of last year; in the meantime, the reforms on the agricultural investment and financing system will be deepened and the new channels of agricultural investment will be opened, so as to set up the multi-folded investment mechanism that contains the fund raising and labor input of farmers, the constantly increasing investment of governments, and the extensive participation of social forces. The Guide introduces in particular 41 projects which are divided into four categories according to different investment orientations, i.e., agricultural production infrastructure, rural civil infrastructure, ecological protection and construction, and development of rural social causes.

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