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China Initiates Planning for Island Protection, Development, and Utilization for First Time
Lately, the National Island Protection and Development Planning Group held the first meeting in Yantai of Shandong Province, officially initiating the national planning for island protection and development. As China’s first general strategy of island protection and development, the planning takes 2006 as the datum year, 2015 as the planned term, and 2020 as the year of perspective. Focusing on the overall protection of island, it highlights to balance the relationships of island economic development with resources utilization, ecological and environment protection, national sovereignty and security defense with respect to the principles of coordinated planning, categorized management, protection priority, sustainable development, and proper development in line with the specific conditions of the island.

It is declared that, based on the resource and social attributes of the islands from the perspective of protection, the planning, in line with the national key function area planning, classifies the islands into four function categories, i.e., non-development, limited development, optimized development, and key development, according to the strategic orientation, the location significance, the ecological fragility, the transportation accessibility, the usable water resources, and the ecological importance of the islands.

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