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China’s Unit Energy Consumption Reduces by 2.78% During First Half of 2007
Recently, China’s National Statistics Administration, National Development and Reform Commission, and National Energy Resources Leading Group released the Bulletin on China’s Unit Energy Consumption Quota in First Half of 2007. It is shown that, compared with the same period of the previous year, the unit GDP energy consumption in the first half of 2007 was reduced by 2.78%, while the unit GDP electric power consumption increased by 3.64%, and the energy consumption of the growth value of large-scale industries reduced by 3.87%. Concerning the comprehensive energy consumption of the growth value of the major energy consumption industries, the industries of coal, steel, construction material, chemical, textile, and electric power saw a reduction of 7.76%, 6.49%, 7.84%, 5.17%, 0.73%, and 2.57% respectively, while the industries of oil and petrochemicals, and nonferrous metals saw an increase of 1.27% and 1.58% respectively.

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