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Whole Territory of Shanghai Is Covered by Urban Planning
According to the departments concerned of Shanghai Municipality Government, urban planning has extended from the urban area to the countryside in Shanghai, covering the whole municipal territory of Shanghai. The basic frame of urban and rural planning in Shanghai involves one central city, nine new cities, about 60 new towns, and about 600 key villages. As a systematic engineering project with multiple goals, the urban planning is also divided into five categories from another aspect, i.e., the central city planning, the suburbs, the industrial layout, the specialized systems, and the key areas.

At present regarding the central city, the planning for six districts and 242 control units have been completed; while regarding the suburbs, seven of the nine new city master plans have been approved, 42 of the 61 new town master plans have been completed and approved, and the overall layout planning of the about 600 key villages has been finished and is being deepened. It is claimed that the planning and construction of nine experimental areas including Langxia in Jinshan District and Maoqiao in Jiading District will be launched soon.

Moreover, the plans of a group of key areas including the World Expo., the comprehensive transportation center of Hongqiao, the waterfronts of the Huangpu River, and the areas along the Suzhou River have also been completed. In the meantime, both the industrial layout plan that coordinates the functional orientation, the development program and the land-use layout of the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary, and the specialized plans for civil infrastructures, public service facility, and historic and cultural heritage conservation have also been finished.

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