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Annual Conference of China City Planning 2007 Held in Harbin
ference of China City Planning 2007 was held in Harbin, a famous city in North China. This is a grand gathering of more than 1,300 professionals in the field of planning in China, including ZHOU Ganzhi, Member of Chinese Academy of Science, former Vice Minister of Construction and President of Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC); SHAN Jixiang, Director of State Administration of Cultural Heritage; TANG Kai, Director of Urban and Rural Planning Department of Ministry of Construction; LI Bingdi, Director of Village and Town Construction Office of Ministry of Construction; ZOU Deci, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Vice President of UPSC; ZHANG Jinqiu, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chief Architect of China Northwest Architectural Design Institute; DING Yihui, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and consultant of National Climate Center of China Meteorological Administration; QIAN Yi, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of Tsinghua University, et al.

Governmental officers from the related departments of Heilongjiang Province and Harbin Municipality attended the opening ceremony, including LIU Xueliang, Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province; ZHANG Xiaolian, Mayor of Harbin; WANG Shihua, Vice Mayor of Harbin; YAO Jianting, Deputy Chief of the Municipal People’s Congress of Harbin; and WEI Wei, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference of Harbin.

On the opening ceremony, ZHOU Ganzhi, TANG Kai, LIU Xueliang, and ZHANG Xiaolian delivered a speech respectively. In his speech titled Boosting Development of Urban Planning by Summarizing Experience and Creating New Prospect, ZHOU Ganzhi summarized the general conditions and the actual problems in the field of planning and emphasized the significance of local planning experience, stressing that planning should better play the leading role at the micro level and the supporting role at the macro level, so as to exert its due effects.

The awards of the Fourth UPSC Theses Competition for Young Planners and the Outstanding Organization Award of Annual Conference of China City Planning were released on the opening ceremony.

On the plenary conference, QIU Baoxing, Vice Minister of Construction, lectured on Difficulties of and Strategies for Achieving Sound Urbanization in China. And SHAN Jixiang, Director of State Administration of Culture Heritage, WANG Kai, Vice Chief Planner of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, and FAN Jie, Director of Center for Sustainable Development of Chiniese Academy of Science addressed respectively on Urban Cultural Development and Cultural Heritage Conservation, Planning of National Urban System Towards Healthy Urbanization, and Coordinated Regional Development and Planning of Key Functional Area. Meanwhile in order to widen the vision of the professionals in the field of urban planning and to promote the interaction among different disciplines, some well-known experts in the fields of environment, aerography, law, sociology, and administration were invited to give lectures on the conference, including QIAN Yi on Circumstances of China’s Resources and Environment and Sustainable Urban Development, DING Yihui on Global Climate Changing and its Influences on China, WANG Yi on Public Interest in Property Law, HUANG Ping on Several Problems amid Current Urbanization from Prospective of Coordinated Urban and Rural Development, and ZHU Dajian on Urban Study and Planning Oriented at Man’s Development, which gained warm responses from the audience of the conference.

Besides the plenary conference, 10 parallel sessions were organized focusing on the main theme of the Conference, that is Urban Planning towards Harmonious Society, highlighting respectively the issues of city master planning, urban infrastructure, urban housing and public facility, industrial planning and industrial zone planning, planning administration and land development, planning and construction of small towns and villages, detailed planning and urban design, cultural heritage conservation and urban revitalization, regional planning, and urban ecological planning, on which 123 theses selected from the 718 submissions were read out and some issues commonly concerned were broadly discussed. Meanwhile, the six free forums, namely Planning Renovation under Circumstance of Resources Shortage, Cultural Renaissance amid Rapid Urbanization, Planning Reform in Line with Legal System, Urban Planning Service in Opened Market, Urban Planning in the Context of System Renovation, and Urban Planning from Perspective of Social Equality, as well as the two special forums on Professional Development of Urban Planning: Opportunities and Challenges, and Planning and Development of Central Urban Area, also attracted active participations and achieved a great success with broad communication and exchange of creative ideas and unique thoughts.

Some other activities also took place during the Conference, including the fourth meetings of the Third Standing Council and the Third Council of UPSC, the Exhibition of Planning Works for the Annual Conference of China City Planning 2007, the issue of the continued education period card to registered planners and the publication of several books such as Harmonious Urban Planning and Fifty-year Development of UPSC.

The Annual Conference of China City Planning 2007 was sponsored by the UPSC in collaboration with the municipal government of Harbin and the Construction Department of provincial government of Heilongjiang, and organized by Harbin Planning Bureau. It is declared that the Annual Conference of China City Planning 2008 will be held in Dalian, with the organization right being handed over from WANG Shihua, Vice Mayor of Harbin, to SONG Zengbin, Vice Mayor of Dalian, on the Conference.

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