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China to Establish Ten Cultural Ecology Protection Zones
In June 2007, the Ministry of Culture of China initiated the first experimental project of national cultural ecology protection zone, that is, the Experimental Cultural Ecology Protection Zone of South Fujian.

During the period of 11th Five-year Plan, China will establish ten national ethnic and folk cultural ecology protection zones, aiming at comprehensively protecting the areas where the non-material cultural heritages are particularly abundant and concentrated. It is introduced that, regarding the cultural ecology protection zones, due attention will be paid to preserving the cultural ecology as a whole, as well as to protecting the ancient buildings, the historical blocks, the traditional residences, the original residents, and the traditional living manners, cultures, arts, and handicrafts of the local residents and ethnic groups. For in the end, the cultural ecology is the basis of the further development and sustainment of cultural heritages.

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