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House Renovation in Old City of Beijing to Be Classified into Three Categories
According to the Technical Guidelines for House Maintenance and Protection in Old City of Beijing, all the houses in the Old City of Beijing that deserve repair and protection will be classified into three categories of courtyard or house with respect to their architectural style and form, historical and cultural value, and actual situation of preservation, before being repaired in accordance with different norms.

The first category refers to the courtyard-houses with well preserved buildings and layout, as well as the traditional buildings, the modern buildings, and the frontage buildings which are of considerable historic and cultural values. For them, the repair and protection requirements are: maintaining the original wall structures if they are still capable of assuring the safety as enclosing structure, using grey bricks in traditional manner for renovating wall structures, restoring doors and windows according to the original styles and forms, and using insulating windows that conform the style of the house in interior. The second category refers to the courtyards or houses that are characterized by untouched layout but dilapidated buildings. For them, the repair and protection requirements are: adopting the traditional style of roof structure such as combined tile, pantile, and platform, and using insulating doors and windows that have the similar style of the traditional ones when restoring buildings. The third category refers mainly to the one-storey houses that were built after the 1950s in new styles. For them, the repair and protection requirements are: maintaining the traditional layout with certain parts being readjusted according to the demands of actual utilization, adopting the roof structure of double-slope which is similar to the traditional one, and interdicting to use asbestos tiles and colored steel insulating panels for roof coverage in permanent buildings.

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