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2007 China Annual Forum on Energy-Saving of Construction Held in Beijing
Organized by the journal of Construction Science and Technology, the 2007 China Annual Forum on Energy-Saving of Construction was held recently in Beijing under the co-sponsorship of the Science and Technology Committee of Ministry of Construction and the Science and Technology Promotion Center. The year of 2008 is critical for achieving the restrictive goal of energy saving and pollution reduction set by the 11th Five-year Plan. And on the National Construction Conference held lately, “energy saving and pollution reduction in urban and rural construction” was set as one of the major tasks of construction in 2008, with particular focus on strengthening the energy-saving of new buildings, boosting the energy-saving renovation of existing ones, and developing new-type of energy-saving and material-saving construction materials.

The Forum released the “2007 Annual Policy Report & Science and Technology Report on China Energy-Saving Construction”. Three sub-theme forums were also held focusing on the heated issues including the technologies of heat-preservation of wall structure and energy-saving of closing structure, the energy-saving management and technologies of governmental office buildings and large-scale public buildings, and the applicable technologies of large-scale construction of buildings with renewable energy resources. Centering on the three technological themes mentioned above, the Forum provided a platform for policy propaganda, project announcement, technology promotion, and business connection.

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