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China’s State Council Releases Major Tasks for 2008, People’s Welfare Stressed
Recently, China’s State Council released the Major Tasks in 2008, clarifying the major tasks in ten fields including macro control, agricultural construction, economic restructuring, etc., as well as the specific departments that would be in charge of the implementation.

Among which the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will head the work of establishing the housing guarantee system. It refers to drafting housing plans and policies with focus on the housing for medium and low-level income families, improving the low-rent housing system while accelerating the low-rent housing construction by way of strengthening the investment to assure the supply, enhancing the construction and administration of economically affordable housing so as to alleviate the housing difficulties of low-income urban residents and increase the supply of medium-and-low-price and medium-and-small-size commercial housing, setting up the mechanism of multiple channels of investment and financing to solve the housing problems of medium-income families in diversified ways, ameliorating the living conditions of farmer workers, promoting the development of land-saving, energy-saving and environment-friendly housing while increasing the land supply for medium-and-small-size housing, completing the housing accumulation fund system while strengthening legally the relevant administration and supervision, enhancing the monitoring and supervision on the real estate market while highlighting the criteria for real estate enterprises to enter or exit the market so as to regulate the market behaviors and maintain the market order, legally investigating and dealing with the issues of storing up or leaving idle land and houses while prosecuting the illegal activities of house or land speculation, and reinforcing the planning for and the supervision on the housing construction in the countryside so as to practically resolve the problem of housing safety for the rural residents under difficult living conditions.

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