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Ministry of Environmental Protection Releases First Catalogue of Information Announcement
Lately, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) released the first Catalogue of Information Annoucement of Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Guide to Information Announcement of Ministry of Environmental Protection on its official website www.mep.gov.cn, according to which, 17 types of information will be voluntarily announced to the society by MEP and the request for publicizing the environmental information will be replied within 15 work days after its submission.

The 17 types of information to be announced to the society are: 1. laws, regulations, prescriptions, standards, and other regulatory documents relative to environmental protection; 2. plans of environmental protection; 3. status of environmental quality; 4. information about environmental statistics and environmental investigations; 5. information about the emergency plan and the forecast, proceeding, and management of unexpected environmental emergencies; 6. information about the allocation of pollutant discharge quota and its actual realization, the issue of sewage discharge permission, and the quantitative evaluation of comprehensive renovation of urban environment; 7. information about the type, volume, and treatment status of solid garbage in large and medium-sized cities; 8. information about the acceptance of environmental impact evaluations of construction projects, the response to submitted documents, the result of environmental protection examination and acceptance of completed construction projects, and the category, reference, condition, procedure, and result of other administrative permissions of environmental protection; 9. information about the category, reference, standard, and procedure of sewage discharge fee collection, the amounts of sewage discharge fee that a discharger should pay and that he actually pay, as well as the reduction and remission of the fee and the delay of the payment for the fee; 10. information about the category, reference, standard and procedure of administrative and institutional charges concerning environmental protection; 11. information about the approved complains and petitions in the forms of letter and visit on environmental problems or enterprises’ polluting activities, as well as the correspondent replying; 12. information about the administrative punishments, reviews, and proceedings, and the implementation of forcible administrative measures concerning environmental protection; 13. list of the polluting enterprises whose pollutants are over the national or local standards, or whose pollutant discharge is over the quota set by the local government; 14. list of the enterprises accused for serious or extra serious environmental pollutions or incidents, and that of the enterprises refusing to execute the enforced administrative punishment of environmental protection; 15. information about the examination and approval of environmental protection projects; 16. information about the organization, duties and responsibilities, and contacts of environmental protection departments; 17. other information concerning environment that should be announced according to the laws, regulations, and rules.

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