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Decisions on Several Important Issues in Promoting Reform and Development in Countryside Approved on Third Plenary Meeting of 17th CPCC of China
On Oct. 19, 2008, the third plenary meeting of the 17th Communist Party Central Committee (CPCC) of China approved the Decisions on Several Important Issues in Promoting Reform and Development in Countryside. The key points of the document can be summarized as follows: the significance of promoting reform and development under the new circumstances; the guiding thoughts, goals, tasks, and major principles of the reform and development; the reform and innovations of institutional construction; the development of modern agriculture and the promotion of comprehensive agricultural production capacity; the accelerated development of public utility and the comprehensive development of society; and the enforcement of the leadership of China’s Communist Party as political guarantee for the reform and development in the countryside. According to the document, the farmers, in line with the principles of being legal, voluntary and paid, are permitted to transfer the contracted land use right in the forms of contracted transfer, rent, exchang, and share-holding without changing the attribute of collective-owned land or harming the land contracting benfits of the farmers, so as to promote the proper scaled development of land in various forms. It is indicated that, in the areas where the conditions are ready, the development of the main bodies of scaled production, such as major professional producers, family farms, and professional farmer cooperation associations should be encouraged.

The third plenary meeting of the 17th CPCC gave a clear picture of the current status and tasks of the country. When China is entering into the 30th year of reform and opening-up, it is extremely important to systematically review the glorious history and to summarize the precious experience of China’s rural reform, so as to further integrate the thoughts of the party and the society, to accelerate the construction of the new socialist countryside, and to boost the balanced development of urban and rural areas with efforts. The document is full of far-reaching significance for the implementation of the spirit of the 17th CPCC, the in-depth application of the scientific view of development, the comprehensive success in constructing a well-off society, and the construction of a socialist country with Chinese characteristics.

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