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Outline National Master Plan of Land Use (2006 - 2020) Approved
On Aug. 13, 2008, the Outline National Master Plan of Land Use (2006 - 2020) was reviewed and approved in principle on the standing meeting of the State Council of China. In view of the goals of constructing a well-off society in an all-round way, and guaranteeing food safety, economic safety, and social stableness, the Outline confirms the minimum farmland reserve of 1.8 billion mu①, and the objectives of 1.818 billion mu and 1.805 billion mu respectively by 2010 and 2020, and articulates the major tasks of land-use as follows. First is the serious protection and rational utilization of farmland. It is required that the occupation of farmland by non-agricultural constructions should be strictly controlled, while the legal obligations of land farming should be further clarified. At the same time, the protection and construction of elementary farmland should be strengthened, and the comprehensive benefits of farmland utilization should be promoted. Second is the economical and intensive utilization of construction land. It is stressed that the increase of construction land should be strictly controlled, and efforts should be made to guide the restructuring of urban land-use. In the meantime, the administration on household residential lot in the countryside should be strengthened, while the land-use efficiency of infrastructure construction should be promoted. Moreover, emphasis should be laid on the control over the expansion of construction land at urban periphery. Third is the construction of ecological environment. The protection of ecological lands including forests and grasslands should be enhanced, while the restoration of ecological environment should also be strengthened. In addition, the improvement of ecological environment should be conducted according to local conditions. Fourth is the coordination of land-use among different areas. According to the land resource conditions and the current and potential land-use of different areas, differentiated land-use policies for different areas should be applied with focus on main functions. The land-use control of provincial-level should also be enhanced. Fifth is the completion and improvement of the guarantee measures for implementing the plan. The policy of farmland protection and the goal-based responsibility system of economical and intensive land-use should be strictly implemented, the comprehensive control role of the land-use master plan should be further enhanced, and the market adjustment mechanism for farmland protection and economical and intensive land-use should be improved. In addition, the legislation of land-use planning should be boosted, and the land-use standards and the land supply policies should be established in time.

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