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Master Plan of Reconstruction After Wenchuan Earthquake Approved by State Council
The standing meeting of the State Council reviewed and approved in principle the Master Plan of Reconstruction After Wenchuan Earthquake on Aug. 27, 2008. According to the Master Plan, the reconstruction of the disaster-hit areas in Sichuan, Gansu, and Shannxi provinces will be completed in three years with an investment of 1000 billion yuan (RMB), when the fundamental living environment and the socio-economic development of these areas can be restored to the original level before the disaster, or even highter than that. The major tasks of reconstruction include the following ones. ① The restored spatial layout should be redesigned scientifically based on the carrying capacity of resource and environment. The territory within the planning area should be divided into three categories, i.e., the area for intensive reconstruction, the area for moderate reconstruction, and the area for ecological restoration, and the fundamental principles for the population resettlement and the spatial layout of urban and rural areas and industries should also be clarified. ② The specific requirements and related policies of housing reconstruction should be made according to the different characteristics of the housing construction and consumption in the urban and the rural areas. ③ In line with the requirements of functional improvement and coordinated arrangement, the urban layout should be optimized, the anti-disaster capacity should be strengthened, and the human settlement environment should be further improved. ④ The production and living facilities in the countryside should be restored along with the comprehensive reform of coordinated urban and rural development, the new countryside construction, and the poverty alleviation, and the bases of high-grade grain and oil production and the characterized economy should be built up. ⑤ The public service facilities of education and research, medication and sanitation, culture and sports, natural heritages, employment and the social guarantee, and so on, should be equipped in line with the uran layout and the population scale. ⑥ The construction standards should be set up rationally based on the geographic and geological conditions and the local socio-economic development requirement, and the facilities of transportation, communication, energy supply, and water conservancy should be reconstructed, so as to promote the safety protection capacity.⑦ The reconstruction on either the original site, or a new site, and the close down, suspension, combination, and transfer of the disaster-hit enterprises should be guided in a rational way; and the development of characteristic and predominant industries should be supported. ⑧ The construction of disaster precaution and reduction system and comprehensive disaster reduction capacity should be strengthened, and the capacities of disaster precaution and emergency relief should also be upgraded. ⑨ With respects to the nature, the rules, and the science, the ecological restoration and environment renovation should be enhanced, so as to promote the balanced development of human, resources, and environment. ⑩ The spirit of fighting against disasters and the traditional Chinese cultures should be highlighted, the local residents’ optimistic and positive attitude should be retained, and the non-material cultural heritage of high historic value and ethical features should be saved and protected.

In addition, the Master Plan also clarifies the policy requirements concerning finance, taxation, land, industry, targeted aid, and social relief, and puts forward the specific regulations on the supervision over the fund, projects, and important materials.

Then on Sept. 23, the General Office of the State Council released the Notice on Releasing the Master Plan of Reconstruction After Wenchuan Earthquake, and the contents of the plan on China’s government website.

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