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Development Guidelines for Yangtze River Delta Region Approved by State Council
Lately, on the standing meeting of the State Council of China, presided over by Premier WEN Jiabao, the Guidelines for Further Boosting Reform and Opening-up and Socio-economic Development in Yangtze River Delta Region was reviewed and approved in principle.

It is stressed that the Yangtze River Delta Region (YRDR) is the region with the most powerful comprehensive capacity in China. Under the new circumstances, it is of vital significance for the reform and opening-up and the socio-economic development of the country to promote the comprehensive capacity and the international competitiveness of the Yangtze River Delta Region, and to boost the scientific, harmonious, advanced, and integral development in this region.

It is emphasized that the opening-up and socio-economic development of the YRDR should be in accordance with the scientific view of development, with the transition of economic development mode and the economic restructuring being accelerated, and the promotion of comprehensive capacity, renovation capacity, and sustainable development capacity being strengthened. Efforts should be made to deepen the reform and opening-up, boost the renovation of mechanism and system, and promote the driving power of the development. The process of regional integration should be further accelerated, while the balanced regional development and urban and rural development should be enhanced. In addition, the service and radiation functions should be strengthened, so as to drive the development of the periphery area, and the basin areas of the Yangtze River; and the political, economic, cultural, and social construction should be promoted, so as to boost the coordinated development of material culture, spiritual culture, political culture, and ecological culture.

According to the meeting, emphasis should be laid on the following works: ① To accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure, to form an industrial structure based on modern service industry;② To comprehensively boost the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure and construct an international advanced manufacture base; ③ To coordinate urban and rural development, deepen rural reforms, and develop the modern agriculture; ④ To insist on the development of new-type urbanization, establish a complete urban system, and improve and upgrade city functions; ⑤ To facilitate self-innovation by creating a policy environment that encourages self-innovation, strengthen the training and introduction of innovation talents, and set up a regional innovation system with international competitiveness; ⑥ To actively facilitate the integral construction of major infrastructures to strengthen the supporting capacity to the regional development; ⑦ To promote economical and intensive land-use, and boost energy-saving and consumption-reduction and environment protection, so as to comprehensively promote the sustainable development capacity; ⑧ To boost the development of public facilities of education, sanitation, culture, and sports, accelerate the improvement of employment and social security systems, and facilitate the coordinated socio-economic development; ⑨ To continue the major reform experiments, to accelerate the construction of a unified and opened market system, so as to take the leadership of establishing a completed socialist market economy; ⑩ To promote the opening-up level in an all-round way, by accelerating the change of foreign trading growth mode, and improving the quality of foreign fund utilization.

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